Farrah invites you to shop Sorellas,a collection of curated vintage clothing and accessories presented in seasonal capsules.

Lefort’s sentimental nature, attention to detail, and love of history fuel her passion for vintage fashion.

 “Vintage shopping can be a very serendipitous moment.. finding something that truly speaks to you... and ultimately you transcend the trends and create an original look of your own. Sustainable & Special." 

In addition to retail, we offer wardrobe styling services for individuals and large scope creative projects. 


The Hat Bar is a personalized custom making experience. We host public & private events throughout the year! 

Choose your hat style first then select adornments from our collection of vintage scarves, pins, feathers, and florals to create a unique design. 

We'll piece everything together for YOU and have some fun along the way... 

Hat Bars are perfect for boutique events, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, girls nights, and MORE! 

Each event has a 
{6 person event minimum}

Please email inquiries to:

or schedule a phone consult HERE