What is the HAT BAR?
The Sorellas Hat Bar is a personalized custom experience offered for public or private events.

We sell a variety of “base” hats for men and women. Once the hat is selected, Customers choose from our collection of unique vintage scarves, fabrics, pins, feathers, leathers, and dried florals to create a one-of-a kind design. Everything is pieced together on-site by our talented hat bar stylists.
What is included in a 2 hour event?
We bring an exclusive collection of hats in premium styles determined by you. Guests choose base hat style first then select adornments from our collection of vintage scarves, pins, feathers, and florals to create a unique design. 

Our on-site hat bar stylists will piece everything together for YOU and have some fun along the way... 

How much does it cost?
pricing is determined by the style of hat selected and the adornments chosen. We bring a variety of adornments to create something beautiful with every budget.

Is there a minimum number of guests?

Each event has a 
{6 person event minimum}

minimums are also determined by location 

 Please email inquiries to: 


or schedule a phone consult HERE